Marital Therapy

“Admit when you’re wrong.  Shut up when you’re right.” -John Gottman, Ph.D

How do we begin couples counseling?  

The first phase of treatment is a 3 session assessment. At the conclusion of the assessment phase we will be able to identify your relationship’s strengths and areas that need improvement before beginning the active working phase of counseling.  During our first session your partner and I will meet together for a 50 minute session.  At the conclusion of the first session, I will give each of you access to a research based online questionnaire that will help me better understand your relationship.  During session 2 and 3 we will gather a personal history and the final assessment session I will share with you my recommendations for treatment, we will then work to define mutually agreed upon goals for your therapy.


How long could I expect to be in couples counseling? 

The length of treatment will be determined by your specific goals.  In the course of therapy we will reevaluate progress at established points.  I welcome any questions or concerns regarding therapy at any time.

How do you counsel couples and what approach do you take to couples counseling? 

I utilize Gottman Method Couples Therapy as well as Imago Relationship Therapy in my work with couples.  I am very fond of the Gottman Method because it is based largely on research obtained by Drs. John and Julie Gottman. The Gottman Method focuses on aspects of a strong marriage and really provides a good research based blueprint for a healthy relationship.  Imago Relationship Therapy does a great job with assisting couples with learning easy and effective methods for improving communication with your partner.

Does insurance cover marital therapy?

In many cases insurance does not reimburse for couples counseling.  In order for insurance to reimburse for couples counseling one member of the couple has to be considered the “identified patient.”  If the “identified patient” has a mental health or substance abuse diagnosis that is impacting the relationship then couples counseling may be a service covered by insurance.  Contact your insurance company to determine your benefits.

Insurance does not reimburse for pre-marital counseling.