Life Transitions 

Through individual counseling I often help clients come to a better understanding of what they need to find for individual happiness, and to assist in empowering them to overcome obstacles in their path. I am excited to assist my clients with making necessary changes and transitions needed for a healthy happy lifestyle.


Are you facing decisions that you feel may have an impact on the trajectory of your life?  I enjoy working with individuals to help them think through and process all options with the hopes of assisting you to make a decision that is in line with your personal goals and values.

Overcoming relationship blocks and dating preparation 

New love is such an exciting process and one that requires thought and thorough preparation in today’s society.  Many people feel they can not begin new relationships if they are left without the validation and security that they desire within a relationship.  Keisha can assist you with understanding past patterns while working to change the structure in preparation for future relationships.


People often seek counseling to help gain clarity and perspective in regard to a variety of situations.  Therapy can truly help with taking a look within and making sure that intended actions are aligned with personal goals and internal values.  I will support you in monitoring what is going on internally and assist with goal setting so that you can achieve your dreams.